Interview with Laura Yost - Computing in Ag

Talking with Prof. Laura Yost about the Computing in Agriculture course she is teaching this term.

ePortfolio with Pathbrite is an attractive and elegant eportfolio creation website. Students and educators can create multiple unique eportfolios highlighting their achievements and endeavors. Google Sites is another tool that is often used for eportfolio creation.

T4LT - Link Shorteners

Creating shorter links is easy with the many link shortening options on the web today. Use these whenever you have a painfully long link to share with students or colleagues. It just makes the web that much nicer. You can also track how many clicks your shortened link receives. Could be some useful data.

Mentioned in this episode:

T4LT - To-do Apps

Trello, Wunderlist, Remember The Milk and are all apps aimed at helping you arrange your lists of important tasks. Task management is an important part of being a student and a teacher. Using tool such as these, the record keeping and reminding can be at your fingertips.

T4LT - Pinterest is an online pinboard for sharing and curating the contents of the web. It's free to create an account and easy to add image references to articles and other items you find on the Internet. Or maybe you just want to use Pinterest to follow other inspiring curators. There is an entire category dedicated to education and another for technology. In this episode, we also suggest some ideas on how you might have students use Pinterest as part of a course assignment.

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T4LT Interview - Mona Parekh on Prep for College Math

Mona Parekh, Math instructor at Kirkwood Community College, revisits T4LT to discuss the new Prep for College Math (PCM) course. For more information on how PCM fits into the Math curriculum, check out the Math Curriculum document:

T4LT - QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are a form of bar code that can be scanned with camera-equipped mobile devices (aka smart phones). Instructors are using QR codes to connect the physical print world to the digital world. Let us know if you experiment with QR in your classes. Sites mentioned:

T4LT Interview - Mona Parekh and the Livescribe Pen

Emily talks with Mona Parekh, Math instructor in the Distance Learning department at Kirkwood Community College, on her use of the Livescribe Pen to support her students' learning. More information on the Livescribe pen can be found on the web at

T4LT - The Flipped Class

A flipped class moves the lecture portion of class to the home and brings homework to the class. In this episode we share the concept and point to resources for curation and creation of content. Sites and resources mentioned in this episode include The Khan Academy, Techsmith's Jing and Camtasia, iTunes U, iOS Apps: Doceri, Showme, and Educreation's Interactive Whiteboard.

T4LT - Online Office Apps (student email, part 2)

Kirkwood Student Email provides more than just the run-of-the-mill email functionality. In this episode we showcase the available web-based Office apps available to all Kirkwood students through their student email account. The Skydrive provides 25GB of storage for your course work files and access to online editing of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Onenote files. And you can share files with other students and instructors (provided they have a Window's Live account). Failing and lost portable storage devices are technology problems of the past. Embrace the cloud.

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T4LT - Student Email

Kirkwood Students have a new(ish) email system powered by Microsoft Live@Edu services. Among the benefits are 10Gigabytes of message storage, 20MB attachment limits and 25Gigabytes of files storage in the SkyDrive.