T4LT - Writing Apps

Check your prose with a couple of writing analysis applications on the web. Both Hemingway App and Expresso provide insights into readability and common writing errors for you pasted in compositions. Useful tools for students, instructor and instructional designers.


T4LT - Quizzing Games

Learning and play really do go hand in hand. And while quiz games might not be the same as engaging in creative manipulation of the world around you, they can help to organize and deliver materials in a way that promotes improvement and engagement. To learn, we must continue to challenge ourselves in novelly repetitive ways.

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T4LT - Badges

Digital badges are signs of achievements and accomplishments that describe our digital identity. Educators are increasingly turning to e-portfolios and additional demonstrations of competencies. Digital badges can be easily incorporated into a personal portfolio, resume or blog. They can promote skill mastery which can fuel motivation. And the tools for making and managing badges are now easy and open to everyone. Claim your own T4LT Viewer badge to show your passion for technology and learning: https://credly.com/claim/14079/F9D-B7F4-386

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T4LT - More Video Tools

We've looked at a few animation video tools in previous episodes. Naturally, there are more to talk about. In this episode we focus on videos that offer engaging, interactive experiences for the viewer.

Sites mentioned in this episode: Powtoon (http://www.powtoon.com/) EDpuzzle (http://edpuzzle.com/) Wideo (http://wideo.co/) Blubbr (http://www.blubbr.tv/)

Where to find T4LT blog: http://t4lt.blogspot.com iTunes: http://goo.gl/9j4gI

T4LT - Open Educational Resources - Part 3

More Open Educational Resources!

Websites mentioned in this episode:
-OER Consortium (http://oerconsortium.org/)
-Connexions (http://cnx.org/)
-OpenStax College (https://openstaxcollege.org/)
-Saylor Academy (http://www.saylor.org/)
-Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/)
-EdX (https://www.edx.org/)
-Canvas Network (https://www.canvas.net/)
-Education Portal (http://education-portal.com/)
-Annenberg Learner (http://www.learner.org/)

T4LT - Branching Scenarios

Remember choose-your-own-adventure stories? Take a look at Twine, Inklewriter, Powerpoint or Google Forms as tools to help create such digital stories for your courses.

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T4LT - Socrative

Socrative (Pronounced soh-CRA-tive - stay tuned to the end to see why this is important), is a web-based question response system for any class and your polling pleasure. The applications for education range from a quick comprehension check to friendly in-class competitions where correct responses can win the race. We found it to be an elegantly designed system that will take no time to learn and has the features instructors are looking for.