T4LT - Closed Captions

Videos are a wonderful media for creating content and infusing an online course with your personality and presence. And like all content, it's greatly enhanced when steps are taken to make the content accessible. Closed captioning benefits everyone. Learn how YouTube and Amara.org are helping to improve accessibility on the web and in our courses.

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T4LT - Finding Images (Creative Commons)

Visuals are an increasingly important part of teaching and learning. And when you post and share images online (even within a Learning Management System), you need to make sure you have the copyright permissions to do so. Creative Commons licensing can help educators navigate this sometimes confusing territory.

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T4LT - Mind Maps

Mind maps have been around for a while, and the tools keep getting better. They offer a great way to take notes, brainstorm and discover connections.

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T4LT - Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is already a powerful tool, and extensions make it even better. This is just the tip of the extension iceberg. Let us know which extensions make your teaching and learning better.

Extensions Mentioned: Chrome Cats, Pinterest, Google Translate, Grammarly, Open Screenshot, EasyBib, Cite This for Me, Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Memorize

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T4LT - Screencasting with Zoom

Zoom is an online video meeting platform with a rich set of features. Screen sharing and recording are two features that, when combined, create an easy method for producing screencast style videos. Learn more about Zoom at http://zoom.us.

Using YouTube to create captions: http://www.kirkwood.edu/site/index.php?p=37423

T4LT - Google Search Tips

Searching the Internet with Google is simple. Using Google search well involves skills and knowledge. We share a few tips to help improve your Google search. Even more tips can be found on Google's support page: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/134479?hl=en

T4LT - Pulse App for Talon

The Pulse App for Brightspace (Talon) by D2L helps students keep their schedule organized. The app displays lists of assignments with peaks and valleys of busy periods. And discussions are coming soon to the app! It's free and available for iOS and Android devices.