T4LT - Accessibility

An introduction to accessibility strategies for your online courses and course materials. Let's continue the conversation!

T4LT - Zoom

Zoom.us offers a simple interface and incredible quality solution for real-time web-based meetings. Helpful for distance learning synchronous sessions or office hours as well as meetings, mini-lecture recordings, and even instant messaging.

Sites mentioned: http://www.zoom.us

T4LT - Padlet

Padlet.com is a collaborative web app for collecting text, images, videos, links and more. It's like a virtual bulletin board for sticky notes. Code for embedding a padlet board into your LMS is also readily available.

View the T4LT Padlet

T4LT - TouchCast

A video production app for an imagined "future of video on the web" is here today with TouchCast. Free to download on the Apple App Store or as a Desktop version for Windows 7 or 8. Add video app elements to your video as you record - you become the talent, producer and editor all in one.

T4LT - Interlude

Interlude.fm is a mashup video + branching scenario editor. And it's more than that as the scripting platform they call the Treehouse allows for loops and skips and a menu layer over the video. An app like this will require some planning and storyboarding, but the results can be really engaging.

A few notable videos to check out:
Khan Academy - Basic Fractions Demo: http://in.fm/v/AnprBM
Doona Instructions Interactive: http://in.fm/v/V1xQGA
Panera Interactive Training: http://in.fm/v/MYOprA
Healthcare Example: http://in.fm/v/V1wpGz

T4LT - Draft

Collaborative editing and revising is at the heart of Draft -- An alternative to Google Docs, perhaps with even easier to compare, accept, reject, re-revise suggested edits. If you struggle getting all your students set up with Google accounts or need them to write and re-write without formatting tools obscuring the way, Draft is worth checking out. Find it at http://draftin.com.

T4LT - Inline Feedback

A couple of inline feedback tools for written work in this episode: Crocodoc and Kaizena. With these tools, you can comment on and mark up student work (or your own work), on the web and on the original document.

Sites Mentioned in the Episode: