T4LT: Organizing Talon Homepages

In this episode, Alan and Emily continue their discussion on organizing.  This time we move to the Talon Homepage.  Keep your widgets purposeful and relevant as you customize your homepage.

T4LT: Organizing Talon

In this video, Alan and Emily discuss methods for organizing Course Content in Talon.  The key to organizing content is to be purposeful and consistent.  It also helps to walk students through your layout as every Talon course is organized differently.

T4LT - Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is a test creation software that can help convert Word document quizzes and tests into online (Talon) versions. It can also assist if we need to pull questions from a Talon quiz/exam and create a printable version. Contact the Service Desk if you would like to have Respondus installed on your computer at Kirkwood.

Learn more about Respondus:

T4LT - Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been around since the early days of computing. That doesn't make them any less useful. We cover the basics here, but learning the shortcuts for your favorite programs can increase your proficiency and generally make you more awesome.

T4LT - Talon Grades, Part II

The second in the Talon Grades series looks at points-based grades and how bonus (extra credit) items need to be configured. Emily gets an A++ (self graded).

T4LT - Talon Grades, Part I

The Grades tool in Talon (Brightspace) can make your eyes go all blurry (actually, our focus was just a bit off when we recorded). In this two part series, we try to gain clarity on the most out of focus elements. In part I, we tackle Grades with weighted categories.