Qwiki - Information as Experience


Qwiki at TechCrunch Disrupt from Qwiki on Vimeo.

A new launch point for learning? A source for student research? The up-and-coming bane of instructors advocating for more in-depth thought and reflection? Motivation or satiation for our curiosity? I'm not sure, but it is an interesting achievement in the crunching and beautiful presentation of enormous amounts of data. I, for one, welcome the sultry mechanical voice of informational experiences.

(The platform name, Qwiki, is a bit unfortunate, don't you think? Then again, iPad seems to be doing just fine.)

Web Conferencing Episode

In this exciting continuation of synchronous communication tools, Alan and Emily showcase iLinc, DimDim and MeBeam. DimDim and MeBeam are free options. Other major players in the world of web conferencing tools include: Adobe Connect Pro, GoToMeeting, Elluminate and Wimba (who recently joined with Elluminate and Blackboard). Each company brings their own design, and set of tools to the game, yet most agree on webcam support (at least for the presenter), voice audio, chat, whiteboard, and screensharing. As a relatively new form of communication we are excited to explore the possibilities.

Links Mentioned

Let us know if you have a favorite, or one not mentioned!

Global Edu Online Conference

I missed it live, but the fine people at Wimba/Elluminate/Bb have recorded what appears to be every session of the conference. If you are in the mood for some conferencing but travel dollars are a little tight, consider checking out some of these sessions. Head on over to the Recordings link to browse through the session titles - links are available to the recordings. There are quite a few on Technology!