T4LT Interview - Nicole Forsythe

Nicole Forsythe, Digital Services Librarian, joins Emily in the studio to discuss LibGuides - a relatively new service and digital product supporting student research and assignment resource management.

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T4LT - Discussions

The discussion forum is a staple of online instruction and learning. Depending on the objectives of the forum, styles and expectations vary widely. In this episode we suggest three main principles for successful discussions. Here they are in brief: Purpose, Prompt, and Instructor Involvement.

We also suggest giving students guidance on how they can formulate productive and thoughtful responses.
  • Your example helped me understand ___ because ___
  • Your post made me think about ___
  • I have a similar example to share ___
  • Your example helped clarify ___ but now I am wondering about ___
  • I wonder if you could expand on ___
  • I have a counter example I'd like to share ___
  • While I totally agree with your post, I want to toss out this possible different perspective ___