T4LT - Socrative

Socrative (Pronounced soh-CRA-tive - stay tuned to the end to see why this is important), is a web-based question response system for any class and your polling pleasure. The applications for education range from a quick comprehension check to friendly in-class competitions where correct responses can win the race. We found it to be an elegantly designed system that will take no time to learn and has the features instructors are looking for.

T4LT - Group Tools

Digital tools for group collaboration are plentiful. Which tool is best will vary on the needs of the group work and preferences of those involved. Share resources and files, collaboratively create documents and presentations, or manage entire projects from start to finish.

Sites mentioned in this episode:

Google Docs
Google Drive

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T4LT - Rubrics

Students want meaningful feedback and need it to learn. Rubrics are one way to provide expectations and/or feedback to students and can help you make your scoring consistent as you look at the 20th essay on the role Gettysburg played in the Civil War. The eLearning system powered by Angel has its own Rubric Manager. For those who need more inspiration or off-site access, you might try Rubistar or iRubric at the links to follow.


T4LT - Sharing Resources (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our sites for sharing and finding shared content across the web. In this episode, we highlight a few big players like MIT and Yale, as well as current (and future) Angel/eLearning features such as the learning object repository and Blackboard's soon to launch xpLor site/software.

Sites mentioned in this episode:

T4LT - Sharing Resources (Part 1)

Where do you find great content for your courses? In this episode, we share a few of the most popular sites for content sharing and grabbing. Use these materials for inspiration or plug them into your existing stream of activities to support learning. Sites mentioned in this episode: 


T4LT - Google Story Builder

A strange little website with some educational value...probably. The site allows you to create an animation of a Google Doc creation with multiple users/characters typing into the doc and correcting each other. Add background music or not and share with friends. Applications for educational use are shared in this episode (which was supposed to be finished in January). http://docsstorybuilder.appspot.com

T4LT - Texting Applications

Reaching students is often not so easy with email or course announcements. Texting is currently their choice of communication. Let them opt-in to receive text messages for your class with some of these texting applications for the web and mobile devices. Two featured applications in this episode are Remind101.com and gText.com.

Have you used texting with your students? Share your success or work-in-progress story in the comments.

Special T4LT - Smart Studio Tour

Join us on a quick tour of the new Linn Hall Smart Studio (2194).  Contact Alan to make your plans for the new studio.

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T4LT - Infographics

Infographics make data visual with easy to understand charts, graphs and images. Tools such as infogr.am, visual.ly and easel.ly all offer quick to compose drag-n-drop utilities to compose your snazzy infographic. Share applications for infographics you have used in your courses.