T4LT - Active Learning Strategies

Here are 10 common active learning strategies to include in your online classes. The goal is engagement with the materials, concepts, and each other. Let us know what active strategies you use or will use in the future.

T4LT - Talon Updates 2019

Talon is always improving. In this episode we cover some of these recent changes and highlight a few powerful but lesser used features that you can explore.

T4LT: Plagiarism and Turnitin

In this episode, Alan and Emily discuss some tips for encouraging academic integrity as well as introduce Turnitin Originality Checker, new for Fall 2018.   

T4LT - Creating Accessible Documents

Creating accessible content is essential whether your course is online or face-to-face. And if you are finding content on the web, how can you check to see if it is accessible? We talk about some of the common ways to plan and check for accessibility in your digital materials. And here are a few more resources you might enjoy...

WebAIM Word and Powerpoint Accessibility

WebAIM Color Contract Checker

DIY Accessibility Checking from Portland Community College

Closed Captioning in Course Videos

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T4LT - What's New in Talon (June 2018)

Highlighting a few of the more recent updates in our Brightspace instance called Talon. Included in this episode are the Video Assignment tool, the Date Manager and the Activity Feed widget. As the title suggests, these are live features as of June 2018.

T4LT: Organizing Talon Homepages

In this episode, Alan and Emily continue their discussion on organizing.  This time we move to the Talon Homepage.  Keep your widgets purposeful and relevant as you customize your homepage.